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Mariners' Workshop 2017


Mariners' Workshop January 25-26, 2017


Day 1
Lee Alexander : Past and Present Neil O'Rourke : Modernizing Canadian Waterways; The CCG Perspective Jey Rajasingham : Navigation Safety & Radio Communications
Denis Hains : CHS Perspectives & Initiatives Patricia Wong: Meteorological & Ice Services in Support of Marine Navigation Benoit Nolet : St. Lawrence Seaway Update
Cmdr. John M. Stone : Enhancing Mariners' Situational Awareness Neil O'Rourke : Oceans Protection Plan Andrew Rae : e-Navigation Report
J. F. Belzile : Quebec Region e-Navigation Tom Anderson : Great Lakes e-Navigation Report Paul Devries : Western Region e-Navigation Report
Bernard Boissonneault : Recent Developments in Portable Pilot Units and e-Navigation Claude Tremblay : An Integrated Web Access to Real Time Quality Data in Support to Navigation and Port Operations Garland Hardy : Risk Mitigation: The Next Generation of Maritime Simulators
  DAY 2  
Pierre D'Arcy : Results of the AIS ATON International Survey Benoit Nolet  : St. Lawrence Seaway: Potential Opportunities for the Application of Information and Communication Technologies Tom Anderson : Big Data and Fleet Performance Management
David Lloyd : Maritime Domain Awareness    


Day 2

Breakout Group : Paper Charts 2.0

Breakout Group : Cyber Security (coming soon)

Breakout Group : National Marine Monitoring Strategy

Breakout Group : Data Sourcing and Integration

Breakout Group : CCG National AIS A to N Strategy and AIS ATON Implementation Breakout Session