Circular Letters #11059


Requirement to Report in Case of Sick Crew Members

Dear Member,

We remind members that it is essential that vessels diligently report on the health of crew members to Canadian authorities. This requirement extends to:

  1. Reporting on health of the crew through the 96 and 24-hours PAIR reports.
    • As a reminder: Once Transport Canada receives the (PAIR) report, they confirm the health status of the crew with the master. Reports are shared with the Public Health Agency of Canada for immediate action. If needed, directions are given to the ship and to stakeholders like port operators and pilots. Transport Canada is also working with other government partners like the Canada Border Services Agency, the Canadian Coast Guard, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
  1. THERE IS ALSO a requirement to IMMEDIATELY notify Canadian authorities of any changes in the health of the crew at any time after submission of the PAIR reports – including if a crew member becomes sick (or has flu/COVID-19 like symptoms) while the ship is at anchor or at berth.

We refer members to the latest guidance document / document d'orientation which advises on processes – including the following statement: If a crew member becomes sick while the ship is docked, they should contact the local health authority by dialing ___________________, and notify your ship’s agent. In the case of an emergency, call 911. 

Please note that we will be working with TC to fully clarify the reporting requirement but in the mean time, we would advise that in the event of a crew member becoming sick while at berth, the master should also advise TC local authority and ship agents (in addition to the local health authority) in order to support a coordinated action.     

Also note that as per TC: if a vessel reports a seafarer showing signs of the COVID-19 virus, shore leave will be denied until such time that the vessel is cleared by the appropriate health agency authorities. In such a case, all precautions will be taken to ensure that the health and safety of all seafarers onboard the vessel and all other marine personnel, to ensure that the safety of everyone working in the marine transportation system is maintained.  

Please direct any further questions to the undersigned.


Chad Allen
Director, Marine Operations

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