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Mariners' Workshop 2019


Mariners' Workshop January 23-24, 2019


Day 1
Assistant Commissioner Roger Girouard: Opening Remarks Laurent Tardiff: CCG Perspective & Initiatives Jey Rajasingham: TC Perspective & Initiatives
Louis Maltais: Canadian Hydrographic Services Perspective & Initiatives Benoit Nolet: St. Lawrence Seaway Perspective & Initiatives Dave Lewald: 
Andrew Rae: Atlantic Regional Activities & Initiatives J.F. Belzile: Montreal Port Activities & Initiatives Tom Anderson: GL and Seaway Activities & Initiatives
Paul Devries: West Coast Activities & Initiatives Jodi Heske: E-Navigation Programs Steven Kennedy: Cyber Threat Briefing
Gwil Roberts: Developing Service Approach of Dynamic Products J.F. Belzile and Chris Hens: Port CDM Project

Orla Robinson: Whales in our Waters 

When whales are in Open Waters, ConfinedClose or Narrow Passage 

Whale Behaviour

Jessica Torode-Scott: Whale Report Alert System  
  DAY 2 - Panel Discussion on Maritime Automated Surface Ships  

Paul Welling, Transas/Wartsila (Manufacturer)

Visions for the Future of Shipping

Autonomous dock to dock - 360° experience video

Jim Covill, Lloyd's Register (Classification)

Autonomous Shipping - 2019 and Beyond

Donald Roussel, Transport Canada (Regulator)

MAAS Development Challenges

Lous Maltais, CHS (Product Provider)

Automated Hydrographic Service Vehicles

Capt. Alain Arsenault, CMPA (User)

CMPA's Perspective on MAAS



Day 2

Breakout Group :  Current and Future of AIS AtoNs - Yves Jacques (CCG) and Alain Arsenault (CPSLC)

Breakout Group : Port Collaborative Decision Making Project - J.F. Belzile (MPA)

Breakout Group : Delivery of Products - Dave Prince (CHS)