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Mariners' Workshop 2018

MARINERS' WORKSHOP JANUARY 31 and February 1, 2018


List of Participants

Day 1
Pierre D'Arcy, Canadian Coast Guard Update on e-Navigation 
Marie-Hélène Roy, Transport Canada E-Navigation, IMO and Transport Canada Update
Louis Maltais, Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS) Ocean Protection Plan Update - Upcoming Challenges and the Way Forward
Dan Huang, Environment and Climate Change Canada Marine Weather Program
Benoit Nolet, St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation Seaway Modernization Project Update
Dave Lewald, U. S. Coast Guard, Office of Navigation Systems Enhancing Mariners' Situational Awareness
Laurent Tardif, Canadian Coast Guard, DFO Oceans Protection Plan: Overview of a World-Leading Marine Safety System: Prevention
Andrew Rae, Atlantic Region E-Navigation Committee Regional E-Navigation Report
J. F. Belzile, Montreal Port Authority Quebec E-Navigation Report
Rob Turner, Chamber of Marine Commerce Great Lakes Region E-Navigation Report
Paul Devries, B.C. Coast Pilots Western Region E-Navigation Report
David Toomey, Canadian Coast Guard Review to Implement a Resilient Position, Navigation and Timing Solution for Canada
Germain Sauve, SLGO (St. Lawrence Global Observatory) Web Integrated Access to Quality Data in Support to Navigation
Tim Nohara, Accipiter Radar Technologies Inc. Shared Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) for Smarter Shipping in the 21st Century
Tim Keane, Fednav Ltd. IMO's Polar Code and Canadian Implementation


Day 2

Dr. Lee Alexander

Opening of Breakout Session

 Moira Brown, Canadian Whale Institute

 The Right Perspective: Ship Strike Reduction Case Study
Veronique Nolet, Green Marine

Minimizing the Impact of Ships on Whales at Risk

J. F. Belzile, Montreal Port Authority

Port Collaborative Decision Making