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Pre-Season Winter Navigation Meeting 2022

Pre-Season Ice Navigation Meeting - November 22, 2022


  1. Agenda
  2. Meeting Report
  3. List of Registered Participants
  4. Canadian Coast Guard: Central Region Marine Programs Update Presented by Mathieu Lebel, Director, Navigational Programs: Central Region
  5. Canadian Coast Guard: Operations Centers: Operational Plans for Winter 2022/2023 Presented by Isabelle Pelchat, Superintendent Icebreaking , Central Region and Brad Durnford, Superintendent Icebreaking, Atlantic Region
  6. Canadian Coast Guard: Icebreaking Levels of Service Review Presented by Antonella Ferro, National Director, Marine Navigational Programs
  7. Fisheries & Oceans Canada: International Trade and Icebreaking Economic Analysis Presented by Todd Crawford, Chief of Statistics in Economics, Statistics and Data Governance
  8. Environment & Climate Change Canada: Seasonal Outlook East Coast Winter 2022-2023 Presented by George Karaganis, Senior Meteorologist
  9. Transport Canada: Ship Safety Winter Operations Presented by Maxime Benoit, Marine Safety Inspector
  10. Laurentian Pilotage Authority: Winter Navigation Rules Presented by Sylvain Lachance, Special Advisor
  11. St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation: Seaway Closing Outlook Presented by Jean-Aubry Morin, Vice President, External Relations