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Membership Benefits

The Shipping Federation of Canada provides invaluable services to the agents, owner and operators of ships involved in Canada's overseas trade:

Compliance Tools and Advice

  • We help members comply with government regulations so they can maintain a clear record and not be subject to delays and penalties.

Operational Expertise

  • We work to ensure that services to ships operating in Canadian waters are available, efficient and reasonably priced.

Access and Trouble Shooting

  • We provide a direct line of communication with government authorities to help members manage operational problems and unforeseen events.

Information Resources

  • We collect, interpret and disseminate inormation to help members operate their ships safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • We ensure that government policies, legislation and regulations related to the shipping industry do not act as barriers to trade or hindrances to navigation.

Strength in Numbers

  • We leverage the strength of our membership network to transform individual voices into collective industry actions.


Ship owners, operators or agents who are interested to join the Shipping Federation as core member may click here for the application form.