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Mission & Activities

The Shipping Federation of Canada, incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1903, is the association that represents and promotes the interests of the owners, operators and agents of ships involved in Canada's world trade. The Federation's member companies are involved in all sectors of the shipping industry, including dry bulk, liquid bulk, container and cruise.

The Federation's key activities are to provide advocacy for the ocean shipping industry; offer operational support to its membership; disseminate information to members, governments and the general public; and provide training to members and other industry stakeholders. The Federation's overall objective is to work towards a safe, efficient, competitive, environmentally sustainable and quality-oriented marine transportation system.

Day to day activities are carried out by a permanent staff of eight. Strategic directions and policy decisions are made by the Board of Directors composed of senior executives from member companies. The Federation has a number of issue-driven Standing Committees that address specific and ongoing issues of interest, as well as five District Committees (in Newfoundland-Labrador, Nova Scotia, the Quebec North Shore, Ontario and British Columbia) that address local issues and provide the Board with a regional perspective.